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We believe in creating a personalized financial strategy to help clients shift the burden of financial worries and pursue their passions at any state of life through trusting, long-term relationships.

Client Centered

Our office is dedicated to providing quality services to our clients.  We specialize in wealth management, portfolio management for individuals, retirees, business and municipal organizations.  

Our clients rely on us for full transparency, reliability and confidentiality.

Client Centered

At our initially meeting, we will review your financial assets and work together to identify immediate and long-term financial needs, future goals, risk assessment, and appropriate methods of investing your financial assets.  We address your concerns, answer your questions and help to understand what we do and how we can help.  

Working together we focus on building a plan before determining the most appropriate investments to fit your lifestyle.  Feeling comfortable and secure in your financial investment is important, and we believe continuous and open communication to monitor your accounts. 

We know life can changes in unexpected ways, sometimes significantly to directly impact your finances or personal situation.  While these can't be always be planned for, we want to work together to modify our plan and ease your worries.  

Employee Retirement Accounts

Whether you own a small, local business or a large corporations, we work to lessen the burden of investing assets and offering employee retirement plans.  From analyzing risk to implementation of a mutual strategy.

Our office is always available to assist your employee's with enrollment assistance and investment selections.  We will hold enrollment meetings on site or by conference.  

Retirement plans we offer include 401k, 403b, 457, SIMPLE & SEP IRA plans.  We will work with you to determine the most efficient plan for your business.

Advantages of Advisor Managed Accounts

We primarily operate on a fee-for service basis and do not receive commissions for products we recommend.  This allows us to offer impartial advise in your recommendations and focus on personalized service.

The most effective and valued advisors have been moving their business models to “Fee Based” accounts vs. “Commission Based”. Fee Based Accounts are to the advantage of the customer and the account holder. The reason for this is in a fee based strategy, a partnership is created between the advisor and the client. The financial interests are aligned in that you and your advisor become partners in managing your portfolio and both prosper when the portfolio performs well.

A fee-based program rewards good management, not transactions. You pay a fee based on the market value of your account rather than the number of transactions processed in your account. In a commission based account, the advisor and client are not necessarily always “sitting on the same side of the table”. The advisor is rewarded with the mismanagement of the account by additional transactions which pay the advisor a commission.

The main reason that a fee-based strategy works is that your advisor considers all of your financial needs prior to making recommendations. The advisor can construct and maintain a truly diversified portfolio without exposing the client to repeated commissions. The advisor is compensated to look out for the clients best interests because fee-based programs reward advice and good judgment rather than sales and commissions. Additionally, fee based compensation calls for full disclosure of the financial breakdown of the account on the investment statements.